DH’s Passion For Cooking

DH got a slot for free training on some culinary course at AICA (Asian Institute of Culinary Arts) courtesy of her sister who’s teaching baking lessons to some applicants/workers on a cruise ship. It comprises of 8 Saturdays and he’s enjoying the experience so much.

As I know how he really loves cooking and this is one thing that would make him widen his knowledge in the world of culinary. Does this mean more sumptuous meals on the table?! I hope so! 😀 Though he got the so called “natural talent” for cooking, enrolling in such course is pretty much different as he gets to learn the trick and tips from the so called experts which in the end will make him excel more on the dishes he’s about to serve.

I just do hope it won’t end here, who knows we might be having the great chef daddy, as kids would refer to him.:)

here are some shots that he took during their actual presentation and his delish masterpieces. 🙂 It all looks yummy! I was kidding him that these are in reality the foods in Cafe World that I used to serve. LOL

Warning: photo overload








One thought on “DH’s Passion For Cooking

  1. wow kainggit naman sya! it’s my dream din na makapag-aral nyan, maybe i’ll look for my sponsor hehehe! i can see that he’s happy with what he’s doing eh sarap naman talagang mag-aral ng culinary yun nga lang quite expensive…

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