On Beauty and Proper Hygiene

I am somewhat amazed seeing women who never seems to have a bad hair day, that no matter how tired and how she seems to have all the sweats and dirt due to working on something. She still manages to look great and strut it off with the all poise and posture. I remember how I did all the necessary tricks and searched on some tips around the net on how to look good and have the glamour all the time but to no avail.

I am a working mom and I am always on the go, there are times that I couldn’t get to fix my hair the way I want to be because I need to attend on other lists of to-do like preparing my kids school things ,taking them to bath, preparing their breakfast and that goes an everyday scene around the house. Even my shower time is very limited, I don’t get to pluck my brows and shaved my underarms  on a regular and scheduled basis at times when  I need to rush things out, so I am seriously considering to take a permanent hair removal on my armpit to save me not just on my precious time, but also to the embarrassment that I may face when I have to raise my hand at some instances like riding  the MRT or jeepney and hold the rails as a safety precautionary measures and only to remember that I haven’t shaved my armpits’ hair for quite sometime. Ewww! 😀

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