My Son’s 3rd Birthday: May 24, 2009

The procrastinator in me strikes again, and so the delay in post of  DS’s  bday celebration pics was shelved again for a couple of days. Or was it because I was under the weather these past few days that makes me lazy to make some personal posts. Oh well, excuses! excuses! heee… We had DS celebrated his birthday in advanced last Saturday since somebody will used our place in celebration of a child’s christening on his birthday itself on Sunday.

My Son @3!
  • DS can now fully express himself the way he speaks, words are now fully understandable.
  • He is more affectionate on his feelings and can do things as instructed, can do simple errands and are now more choosy on clothes that he wants to wear.
  • Now plays and talks to his toys as if they were real and often regard his toys as his “mga anak”.
  • Would often play as Super heroes with a scarf as a cape on his back and would tell us the he is Superman or Zorro.

Mocha Cake!
Menu includes Pata tim, Chicken Barbecue, Siomai, Inihaw na Bangus, Tokwa’t Baboy (Fried Tofu and Pork) Ice cream c/o Vhong and Dha. Noticed that menus are mostly for adults it since we just invited my sister and some friends, my kuya and Nanay didn’t make it and the only kid is his cousin Dwayne.

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