Fashionable Athletic Shoes

I am falling in love with mineral make ups lately, just so the feeling of wanted to collect every MMU brushes I saw online is really hard to resist. Hubby has been warning me since he knew that I can’t use all of those brushes that I kept ordering online. Oh well I just love collecting those even if I am not a make up artist. I guess every woman feels the same, either with bags or clothes right?! But come to think of it, hubby’s also into having too many rubber shoes on our shoe rack, I only got four pairs of shoes. 2 pieces for office and formal occasion and 2 sandals, I even don’t have a rubber shoes. But hubby got 20 pairs of his and so I told him that hey, you can’t even wear all your rubber shoes at the same time. lol! His favorite among the rubbers he got is the Adidas shoes, he’s not that athletic type though he plays basketball and would wear one of his athletic shoes that according to him is ultra comfy to wear and very light on his feet which makes it comfortable for him as he plays the basketball. Come weekend, we’ll be heading to mall and DH will surely be looking for some discount shoes to add up to his collections.

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