Saturday Update

Good thing that I was done with household chores and two kids are now on their afternoon nap, what else do I have now but my “me” time! LOL. It is hot outside, summer time is really here. I am now on planning stage since my two kids birthday are fast approaching. Gabby will be turning 5 this coming April and Nicco will be 3 on May! I am thinking of having a joint celebration since we are on a tight budget. A swimming pary will be a great celebration I think. But it will just be held at the comfort of our home since we have this extra large swimming pool that can carry a 6 people all at the same time. It was bought by Ian’s late Dad, two years ago. Kids will surely had a blast. will just think o the menu to have and everythings set. It is a great idea since it summer and I think will not cost too much.

I almost forgot, I ordered this items online since last week but hasn’t arrived yet. I wonder what happened to my orders. hope to receive this early next week.

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