Good Memories Last

Last two weeks ago, I was busy cleaning our room and have found this plenty of VHS tape in a box in one of our cabinets. I browsed each one and was surprised that it did have special occasions that my hubby’s family celebrated since he was young. I immediately took the tapes out so that I can watch it with the kids and let them see how did their daddy look when he was their age. But I almost forgot that we don’t have a VHS player anymore. Maybe it was the reason why hubby did keep this tapes.
We have a combo player given by my FIL but wasn’t working properly as I tried it. I told the husband that I am going to find somebody who can do the VHS to DVD conversion, He gladly liked the idea and gave me a go signal for it. These tapes holds the special memories that they have most especially now that both of his parents are already in the care of our dear Lord in heaven. Isn’t it nice to cherish memories especially the happy ones once in awhile?!
Another thing is that the kids are so giddy excited to watch their Dad’s 7th birthday celebration that we saw in one of the tapes. It’s a good thing that we are so modernized now that converting vhs to dvd tapes are special way to preserve ones great memories. But we know how fast paced the technology is that we have to catch up with the upgrades on our gadgets that we have, like having VHS to Blu-Ray conversion which I think is much better since we can store more data than the DVD. It nice to know that we have this special technology that we can depend on.

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