Great Tools During Emergency

We know how important it is to be safe in a place wherever we go. We must be aware of different signs that we see on different places. Be it on the hospital, school, office, municipal hall, malls. It serves as a guide for us to find the right direction we are going. I remember one time when we were at the office and I was at the stairs when the electricity was cut-off due to a brown out. I almost stumble on my way down since ouremergency lights did not function.
I immediately raised the issue to the building administrator, I told them that they must be able to maintain the emergency lighting most especially during some emergency cases and unavoidable circumstances for it is their duty and responsibility to keep people safe and away from harm in these situations, accidents can be avoided if we are prepared enough by using these tools.
Other companies are too careful that they even have a braille exit signs, this I think is a great new idea and very innovative for we rarely see this kind if signs. This are nice idea since blind people are given an equal opportunity just like ours. I hope others will follow and implement it too.

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