Fashionable Clothes For Plus Sizes

When I gave birth to my two kids, one of my major problem is going back to my pre-pregnancy weight and body.  It was even my motivation before to fit into my old clothes, but I just gave up because I failed and gain weight even more. Haha!

I did accept the fact that I had to deal with my current body weight and figure. At the moment, I  still aim to lose weight but for healthy lifestyle purpose. That’s all what we aim for right?! But since I know that it would take sometime (slowly but surely) I still can wear clothes that are comfortable and still of style as well despite the increase in size.  I remember I do wear the size M (Medium) before I got pregnant and now I’m size XL!

Oh well, good thing that there are now plus size dresses for women, so I no longer have to worry about what to wear, especially for special occasion, which is quite a hassle in doing clothes shopping at the mall because sizes are very limited. Their X-Large size looks a small size on me when worn. Can you just imagine me on a bulging tummy emphasized ?! Haha

So if you are looking for cheap plus size clothing , you may check out Fashion Mia, your online stop for Modern, Irresistible, and Affordable women’s clothing.



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