Trendy Trench Coats

Since we were living in a tropical country, people are used to wearing clothes that are made up of light materials like cotton fabric. You would typically see people in t-shirts, pants, shorts, skirts and business suit.

But as we go along with the latest trends in fashion, people nowadays especially the younger generations- they typically are more bold and experimental with  their fashion statement. Fashion designers are also competitive in terms of their ideas in strutting off their creations in runways.

We have now renowned fashion icons that are getting raves in the fashion world locally and internationally.

Going back into the topic of outfit, not because we don’t have the winter season in our country it doesn’t mean one can never wear those trendy tidebuy trench coats that we do usually see from glossy magazines only.

I myself witnessed seeing people wearing trench coats in malls and work area. I find them very chic looking! They seem to enjoy and doesn’t look uncomfortable in their outfits,

I think with proper attitude and fashion sense, anybody can strut off on those trendy trench coats!

One can take a look here on how to choose trench coats

Big Plaid Double Button Trench Coat
Big Plaid Double Button Trench Coat

One can never go wrong with the big plaid double button. It doesn’t look heavy and would look good in those slim to medium built women.

For the classy and minimal look, this Chic PU Belt Long Trench Coat is good for any size of women.

Chic PU Belt Long Trench Coat

The color and belt will definitely make you look slimmer and won’t look heavy on you.

Isn’t so nice that we also get to experience the fun in wearing those trench coats?!

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