#LandoPh Today

I woke up around 1 am this morning to the hurling winds outside. I was quite nervous as we’ve been all reading a lot about this super typhoon to hit the Central and Northern Luzon this Sunday Morning.

As of this time, we are under Storm Signal No.2. Good thing it was a Sunday as there’s no classes. It just feels like yesterday when we had the Ondoy Experience six years ago.  We will never be getting used to having  typhoons even if we get a lot of them year round.

As for personal updates, it was like we are still struggling  and dealing from a so “typhoon” in our lives. It was exhausting and painful. Mentally, physically, emotionally and even our Faith is being put to test. We are drained financially. Our kitchen is closed, bills are piling up, we can’t keep up with our daily expenses as we don’t have any income. We are broke!

But, good thing I still get to earn a little from freelance work. Direct advertisers would pop me a message every once in awhile just when I needed them most. Hahaha! But there’s a downside, our PC broke down ( see how timely?!) I would work around using my phone and borrow my SIL’s netbook. Thank goodness for the free WIFI 😀

Yes, I just have to take note of the little things to be grateful for because  I know that God’s still on our side despite all theses things happening. We’re a survivor, we will overcome this. ( I just hope and pray soon)

I am planning of going back to find a regular day job and Ian to continue on running our eatery. I guess, we just have to be more patient and wary of all the lessons the we got from this situation.

Hoping to get back on the right track, so please help us again  dear Lord!

I will also be updating on products that I received again from some local generous company. Still waiting for the others to arrive. I guess this blog would be some sort of a beauty blog for the meantime. Haha!

More good and positive vibes till my next update!




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