Great Family Friendly Outdoor Exercise Ideas


Nothing beats spending some time outdoors when the weather is gorgeous, but if you have kids it can be difficult to find an activity that suits everyone. Younger children will not be able to do as much as older kids and teenagers, plus you need to take differing levels of fitness into account. But don’t worry because there are lots of fun outdoor pursuits the whole family can try – whatever the weather!

Family Cycling
Cycling is great for kids of all ages. Toddlers and babies can sit in a child seat on the back of mum or dad’s bike while older children can speed along under their own steam. If you like the sound of a day out on the bikes, make sure you pack plenty of snacks and plan a suitable cycle route. It is also important to dress appropriately – and that includes cycle helmets for everyone!

Horseback Riding
Horseback riding is just as much fun for novices as it is for more experienced riders. There are riding stables in many rural areas, most of whom will be happy to organize family friendly rides along local trails. Riding is good exercise and even younger children will be able to head out on a ride. You may even find that your children are bitten by the horse bug and start clamoring for their own pony. If so, you can invest in horse tack from the

Hiking is a good way to spend quality time in the Great Outdoors. If you live close to some areas of natural beauty, pack a rucksack with snacks and drinks, and take the kids for a hike. You can enjoy a bit of fresh air and exercise, plus some great views if you hike up a hill or two. Younger children won’t be able to manage long hikes, but older children and teenagers should have no problem covering several miles on foot.

Soccer in the Park
When you don’t have the time to travel far, a quick game of soccer in the local park is great exercise and an important family bonding session. Everyone can take part – even mum! So take your children for a kick-about at the weekend and burn off all those extra calories you piled on during the week.

Nature Walks
Nature walks around a local park or nature reserve are perfect for families with younger children. Smaller kids can be wheeled around in a buggy or pram if they aren’t able to walk. You can stop to examine flowers, plants and insects, or just take the opportunity to have a chat about things. And if the weather is nice, take a picnic.

Surfing and Body Boarding
If you are lucky enough to live near the beach, you may be able to go surfing or body boarding if there is enough swell. As long as it’s hot, or the kids have wet suits to keep them warm, fun will be had by all.

Exercise is important and we all need to do more of it, so instead of letting your kids sit in front of a screen every weekend, encourage them to spend a bit more time outdoors with the rest of the family!

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