Catching Up Again

Since we were just nakiki-Wi-Fi with our  SIL, they almost had a month long internet connection problems with Globe (intermittent WLAN connection) and finally resolved this week by getting a new line and modem, we were also greatly affected. Haha! There were times that I had to check out emails on a not so nearby computer shop rentals, which I wonder why  are they  no longer in an air-conditioned area and not to mention the screaming DOTA players. Hehe. Not really suitable for me who sometimes need to rush out on some writing assignments.

I also felt sad that I had to let go of another blog which was given by a dear blogger friend. I really have no choice because I don’t have the funds to keep it up. 🙁 Another thing, I need to fix some problems offline. I even have to turn down a very good offer (job) from a friend for some reasons. Haay! It’s a blow by blow conflicts that  are really taking a toll on our lives. We’re still struggling and still coping up. Time and again, I know things will get better in the end. My mom got hospitalized late last week due to high blood sugar level and we were not able to visit her 🙁  Just received a call late yesterday from my sister that she was finally discharged (Thank God!) and taking insulin shot were no longer recommended by her new doctor. Ian and I were so looking forward to visit her soon in their new home somewhere in south.

Kids are doing ok in their new school ( First Periodical Test are up by early next month). I have a lot of catching to do with regards to their milestones. Still keeping up with taking pictures of them every now and then, only I don’t get to share them lately on FB nor Instagram.  Another thing, I hope to get some freelancing jobs again.

Catch up soon again… I hope to have some happy and cheery posts next time 🙂

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