Buying My Son a Mattress from Across the Pond

When my son moved away to study in Birmingham, England, I still felt the need to send him care packages and call him to make certain he was getting everything he needed. I don’t care how old he is, my motherly instincts can still detect he needs certain things that he will no longer ask for. I could not have been more proud of my son as he decided to study to become an orthopedic doctor, but studying over 1,000 miles away has been a challenge for me. I wanted to share my story with making a purchase for him all these miles away that really has me more excited than words can even say.

My son started studying at Birmingham University and would call me everyday with how things were going. I could tell that after he made all his book and supplies purchases, that he was having difficulties furnishing his new room. When he moved into the University campus, he had nothing more than a bed frame with a nasty old mattress and a small dresser. I wanted to show my son how excited and proud I was of him, but trying to shower him with gifts from 1,000 miles away seemed a challenge at first. I knew he was getting low on funds and he needed to furnish his dormitory room, so i decided to try and buy some things for him online.

I really wanted to get him the best possible mattress because this was the field he was studying, and I had to make certain he was getting a solid night sleep so he was fresh and strong for his daily workload at school. I started my search for a new mattress for him, and it was a challenge at first because many websites do not provide shipping and delivery. Others had decent prices, but the order process was so complicated that I found myself getting frustrated rather quickly. I decided to do a search for an online bedding supply company in England, and found Cut Price Mattresses, conveniently located near the University in Birmingham.

So after visiting the Cut Price Mattresses website, I decided to buy mattress materials and some protective coverings so it would last him his entire stay on campus. I was amazed at all the different style mattresses they have in stock, and the discounted prices on name brand mattresses. I went with the best, and then checked to see about making arrangements for the bed to be delivered to his dorm room. The ordering process was simple, I still con not believe how easy the process was, and how efficient this company is at making sure the mattress was delivered exactly when they told me that he would have it.

I was also able to locate a furniture store called IKEA, and bought him some accessories to fill up his dorm room and make it more comfortable for him to study each night. Now he has a brand new mattress, new tables, desk, chair, and even some pictures for his wall. Now remember I am over 1,000 miles away from my son, and I still have the ability to spoil him when I want. Google is simply amazing to me. I just type in a search box what I want to buy, add a location, and instantly I am provided a list of local Birmingham stores that can do the delivery for me whenever I choose. I can tell when he got to his dorm room and met the delivery guys that he was extremely excited.

he thanked me for a week, and called me everyday telling me that he has not slept in a bed so comfortable his whole life. I could not be happier with my overall experience, especially my ability to buy mattress materials with the click of a mouse and have them delivered too. I don’t even hesitate any longer when I think that my son needs anything. I have used the Cut Price Mattresses website several times to buy mattress accessories for him since that day, and each time I rave about their products and exceptional customer service. As long as he remains in that school, they have a loyal customer.

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