The Right Fit For Your Kids Feet

Our kids’ feet require our keen attention as they grow up.  Kids are known as hyper-active when it comes to physical activity. They walk, run and jump a lot! So we can just imagine how active their feet are all the time. So we have to make sure that they are well taken care of.

One of the essential things that we have to consider when buying them shoes or any kind of footwear is the right fit. The style and design is useless no matter how good it is aesthetically if kids will have trouble walking around in them.

The right fitting system for shoes and footwear must be observed (for example, for my UK readers, check out high street chain Brantano’s service here). The measure- length, depth, and width should all be noted. Trying on and of course, taking a walk or taking a few steps around to check on comfort and feel to get that right kind of fit for your kids feet!

Kids footwear varies from school, casual, formal and the usual “everyday” shoes. So it is important that we invest when it comes to kids shoes!

Personally, Hush Puppies have been our family’s favourite brand of shoes. From my parents  and now that I am passing them on to my own kids as they never failed us when it came to style, fit and fashion- very sturdy and they always fit just right!

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