Welcome 2015!


Yay, so here I go again… Doing a late post (what’s new?! *rolleyes) hahaha!

The year 2014 marks a lot of important events in our family. This year is quite a hard and trying times in terms of money and finances. We really adjusted to the best of our capability. We were so glad of the financial help and support of our families (both side).

Last April 2014 was also the time when we ventured into a small home based business. DH opened up and converted our garage into a small eatery or carinderia. At that time, I was still employed and juggling my activity as  Day-Time Office Worker and Dishwasher at night. Haha! Come the month of May, I am really decided to take full-time in helping DH out in our small business. So I submitted my resignation letter the fist week of July and tendered my resignation effective August 2. But then, the boss kept on asking for an extension of my stay to help out/teaching the new employee of my tasks. I could only offer until the 3rd week of August.

The month of June was a chaos, at least for me. This is the time where the kids supposedly be in school already. Through the help of prayers and people around us, they were able to even though it’s late.

Last December, Ate I and her family went home from Australia for a vacation. They came on the eve of Christmas! We had a great time for the usual Christmas Noche Buena. We even played the Christmas cracker game.


What Do Ghosts Eat? Spookghetti. 🙂

 Fun game indeed!

Then came the usual gift giving. Kids as always were in their high spirits as they open up their gifts.




The little girl went crazy as she got 4 sets of Loom bands crafting materials this Christmas. LOL!


While the little boy got Lego and Mario bros. toys.


I got a very nice umbrella and a swimwear for all of us. Lots of new clothes too.


December 27, my childhood friends and I had a get together again. It was two years ago since we met. But this time around, only four of us were able to make it.

We met at Trinoma and spent the whole afternoon catching up.




Holidays are really the best time to enjoy and spend time with family and friends enjoying the festive occasion and all the things it has to offer.

We welcome the new year by the beach as we were invited by my sil, Ate I with her family to celebrate and welcome 2015 there.

We’re still in the process of learning and coping up until now so I am looking forward to a more peaceful and less stressful year this time around. Hahaha!



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