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I am way behind with my blog posts. Hope to catch up by next week!  Although I still have a couple of hours free time at night, my eyes couldn’t bear to spend time in front of the computer. I also don’t get the chance to blog at work because I do often go out to do some errands, added that it will be the deadline for payment of the Annual Individual Income Tax Return by Tuesday so I might be going back and forth to our accountant’s office.

I will do an update on my Zalora shopping experience,  photos to share and a lot of side stories that I want to share and for my documenting purposes. Last April 9 ( Wednesday) also marks the 1st year death anniversary of my father, it just seems like yesterday when we were all surprised by his passing. We all miss him, I even dreamed of him a couple of weeks after my birthday.

Ian also decided to venture into food business, we opened up our garage for his mini carinderia business. 🙂 Since cooking is his passion, I knew that he is enjoying it so much plus the fact that that he is earning from it. A very big help for our family income indeed! The kids ( especially Gabby) were helping him out by doing simple errands 🙂 A good way to enjoy their summer vacation too instead of spending most of their time in front of the TV and the computer!

Hopefully, I can also go back in track! I’ve been out in the loop online because I had to deal some offline issues. Things are getting better, little by little! I know in due time, things will fall in to proper places. Patience and lots of prayers! I am counting my blessings instead of the failures I encounter each day, as the saying goes…

Fall seven times, stand up eight!

-japanese proverb

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