No Plastic Day at Grocery


So off our grocery items into a box. It’s a good thing that most grocery stores are implementing the no plastic bags day, although in Q.C it’s a totally no plastic bag use everyday. It was hard to adapt in this kind of set-up at first, but considering the good effect of this in our environment in the long run is worth the  effort.

I used to hear quirks and nasty remarks  from most of customers who lined up in the cashier and demands for a plastic bag. There’s still really a need for educating these people, keeping them aware of the effect of the use of plastics in our everyday living. Sure we know that plastic bags are more convenient to use, but we should really find other means for keeping our things in a eco-friendly ways.

In my experience in doing grocery at SM Savemore store in Q.C, you will be asked to hand carry items or opt to pay an extra P2 (two pesos) for the use of a plastic bag. Seriously, I find the two pesos “mahal” for a plastic. Hahaha!


I personally keep an “eco-bag” in my bag, the one that can be folded as small as this: PA160021
so I am prepared whenever the need for extra storage arises. My SIL  also sends us a lot of eco-friendly bags from Australia, different kinds and sizes. It’s just one small way of contribution to lessen the use of plastic that are harmful to the environment, but if all of us will do that one small way, it would be ONE BIG HELP FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

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  1. There’s a levy for the use of plastic here. You always need to bring your shopping bag for everything you buy. Been doing that for years, so if I forgot I can grab a box in the shop and use it instead. And that is for free.

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