House Cleaning 101

How do you clean your house? For us, I do have a schedule for house general cleaning. Once a month, I make it a point to keep every nook and spic and span! But of course, having two very active kids in the house- my 9 years old Grade four daughter and 7 years old grade one son, it is but a challenge to keep things in order.

For daily basis of cleaning (cleaning things out religiously everyday) would include;

  • sweeping the floor, dusting off appliance and furniture like the top of our refrigerator which holds off our most of our coffee essentials like milk  and coffee containers, electric kettle, etc. So it really needs some wiping every now and then to keep it clean.
  • cleaning and wiping the bed headboard, it needs dusting off everyday.
  • washing the dishes (3x times a day every after meal) we don’t have dishwasher so off we need to do cleaning immediately.
  • emptying the trash, we see to it that trash cans are emptied out every night to avoid rats raiding our trash bins. lol!

For weekly schedule would include:

  • Doing our week’s pile of laundry every Saturday or Sunday. I do wash our undies everyday (every night) and kid’s school uniform (every other day).
  • Bathroom cleaning schedule. brushing off the wall and floor tiles, thorough disinfection of toilet bowl (Though I get to clean it on daily basis) changing shower curtain.

Of course, thank goodness to my cleaning supplies as I really get effectively clean out the mess at home. One more tip is to use environment friendly and natural made cleaning materials and supplies for the safety of you and your family’s health. Going green is the key to a clean and healthy environment.

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