Musings of a Commuter

I’ve been commuting to work via PUV’s (Public Utility Vehicle) everyday, a Jeepney that is! Been working for more than tens of my life and If I would compile my everyday experiences as a commuter, it would be a blog’s worth to share. I should have set a category for that in this blog instead from now on…

Yesterday, I was having a terrible headache at work. The rain had added a throbbing pain in my head. I had to take two rides (Jeepney) for me to reach home. The first ride was a smooth one while the second one was quite long ride. I did took a nap upon I settle in my tight sit inside the jeepney for my second ride. It was on a full stereo blast playing some old love songs. I would wake up every once in a while to check outside where we are. 

I overslept, maybe due to the headache and who wouldn’t when you are really tired from an all day work. Added that the songs seems like a lullabies to a sleepyhead me :). Upon waking up, I was quite in panic when I saw a familiar grocery store. It means I am already past away from the jeepney stop where I had to go down. That was quite ten minutes ride away from our home already. 

I had to take a ride back again, it was raining hard and then there were floods.  That I had to brave another long walks into the flood water 🙁 Another time and money wasted for my oversleeping while on travel. The only good thing, my personal belonging were intact and I am spared from snatchers. Tehee.

As much as possible, never ever sleep while riding a public vehicle. That would be the perfect timing for robbers and snatchers to get away from their thing against a poor commuter!

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