Plus Size Clothing

When I gave birth to my two kids a few years ago, I came to accept the fact that I may never be able to wear a small sized clothing again. Ok, I knew that with determination and proper healthy lifestyle living, I can go back to my pre pregnancy weight. But that would be a quite time needed for me. For now, I had to settle for the reality that I am on a plus sized clothing.

It’s a good thing that Plus size clothing nowadays are not really that bad after all. They really fits my body well and able to  hide away the bulges pretty well. That one can strut off a modest swimwear plus size without looking a trying hard gal on a two piece swimsuit.

366516_BlackLime_OM 366710_SealTeal_OM1

See, plus size women can also wear anything that a small sized women do. It’s just matter of choosing the right clothing that will complement your body.

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