Unraveling the Beauty of Home with Good Lighting

Beautifying the home is as important as keeping it clean and functional because in the first place, a home will never be comfortable and conducive for work and productivity if it’s cluttered, dirty, and is poorly lit. To make the home an overall great and healthy place to live in, you have to take into consideration the different elements that come into play.

Lighting is an essential part of home; without it, or if it’s insufficiently or improperly set up, any room will neither be comfortable nor conducive. Another thing about good lighting is that it can also double as a decorative fixture, especially if it comes in unique and lovely designs. That said, good lighting definitely hits two birds with one stone: function and design.

However, it all does not come without responsibility. In order for lighting to be both effective and beautiful, you have to have the knowledge and resources to make it work. The following are some guidelines that you can use to effectively utilize your light fixtures both for decorative and functional purposes:

1. Know the different types of lighting before you make purchases.

There are generally four types of lighting, namely: task lighting, ambient lighting, accent lights, and decorative lamps. Whichever you choose would ideally depend on the purpose you intend for it to serve, so see to it that you choose the most appropriate type of lighting for every specific area of home; don’t settle for a generic lighting type that will serve all rooms and areas.

2. Make sure that your light fixtures are size-appropriate.

Picking the right size is crucial to the cost-efficiency of your light fixtures. If you choose one that is too small, it will most likely be insufficient to light the entire room effectively. On the other hand, light fixtures that are way too huge for the room’s size will probably be too bright and glaring for the eyes. Remember: light should be installed not merely to provide visibility, but also to make a comfortable ambience for people.

3. Know how to mix and match the right way.

Effective lighting is not all about using a single light fixture that will by itself enhance the lighting conditions of home; it’s all about knowing which type goes best with other types and that will altogether create the maximum effect. For example, any of the stylish and standout light fixtures by Vibia may seem enough to create a focal point in the room, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add anything else to further enhance its effects. Adding wall sconces to already charming chandeliers will create a more relaxing and welcoming ambience compared to installing either wall sconces or chandeliers alone.

Natural lighting

Aside from knowing how to properly utilize artificial light fixtures at home, you also have to know how to maximize the amount of natural light coming in. This is very important because if you are able to maximize natural lighting, then the need for artificial light should be reduced especially during daytime. This means more savings for you and less carbon footprint for your home — good for your budget, and at the same time beneficial for the environment.

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