A Sweet Treat For Friends: Homemade Ube Cake

Last weekend was the scheduled meet up with my fellow mommy blogger friends. This time, DH suggested that I gave them something special as I didn’t gave them any token/gift during our two previous meet ups. Now you know that the hubby is sweeter than I am because I was just thinking/ availing of the gift ideas to buy that I can find in a gift store

We even thought that it wouldn’t push through because my SIL informed us that there’s a lack of ingredients for the cake and that she won’t be able to bake for us. Good thing that there is still a week for us to prepare and buy the ingredients and she can bake it along with the preorder cakes. P8310026

I brought along three petite cakes for each one of them. Good thing I have a sturdy eco-bag that perfectly fits in for the 3 boxes of cake. Commuting via public transport wasn’t really a problem at all. 🙂 One of the mom got sick and wasn’t able to make it to the meet up, so we had the other cake for dessert during our lunch date.

The Ube cake is a specialty of hubby’s late mom. It is the usual sweet staple in every family gatherings and occasions like Father’s Day and Birthday. I am so glad that they liked it! 

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