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Watching movie and TV shows are always on the top things in our family list as a form of entertainment. Back in the day, if we need to catch a film, we all need to line up in a movie house to do so. But with the birth of the new technology that enhances the entertainment industry, we could do so right at the comfort of our homes. No need to exert too much effort in terms of time and energy.

First, there were only TV shows with too much commercials in between that you’d get annoyed spending half of the time for the promo ads and half of the air time for the show itself. Then came the cable channels that somehow gave a lift in terms of quality, a more clearer and crispier video, picture and audio output. A wide variety of choices for shows , locally and internationally.

Then there’s the Dish and Satellite network now. A more high definition programming that we could all get from companies like Direct TV Phoenix, they offer a lot more engaging and entertaining programs to the delight of the whole family. What’s good about it is that they have packages that you can choose from, the one that fits your budget, interest and preferences.

Another benefit is the recording through HD DVR,  I used to dread and hate missing TV shows and movies because I am busy with some important things to do, that I can only rely on asking others how the story went. LOL! Now, there’s the wonder of the recording through DVR’s. With their Genie, you can have shows (five of them) record at the same time. That’s quite a lot of capacity right?!   We could really say that we can have quality entertainment right at the comfort of our home.

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