August 19: Classes Suspended In All levels in Metro Manila

It was a rainy weekend and yesterday afternoon, August 18 around 4 p.m it was already raining hard. Metro Manila mayors started to suspend classes early last night.  As of this moment, the office of the President have issued work suspension in government offices.

I did sent the boss an early text message of my leave of absence of work for today. I opted to stay at home for safety and peace of mind for DH,  since most areas on my way to work is flooded and there are lots of road construction here in our place.  I learned my lesson the hard way last year when  I did brave the almost waist deep flood on my way to work only to get sick after.

For now, we’re closely monitoring the news and weather updates. DH woke every now and then last night due to non stop rain to check downstairs. The usual, we were flooded inside the house. :( 

I hope things gets better soon and since we’re stuck inside the house, kids were getting bored. Here’s what they did to keep themselves busy.

PlayDoh Crafting P1140108


Computer GamesP1140117

 Goofing around! P1140119


… and here’s what DH prepared for our breakfast! Mine’s one hotdog sandwich and a longsilog and black coffee! 🙂 P1140125

Still got a lot of cleaning up and ironing to do’s for today,  and an online task to finish this afternoon. Stay safe and dry everyone!

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