Laid Back Weekend

I didn’t do much this weekend, except for attending the little boy’s summer enrichment program culminating day (photos and stories to follow in upcoming posts :))last Saturday. Yesterday, we did a little grocery shopping and bought some of the kids’ school things in the afternoon. I spent most the time in cleaning, laundry-ing and sleeping in between. Haha!

I love the weather over the weekend, I think summer is starting to bid goodbye as there are now rains in the evening (but please no flood shows!). Time to slow down with the AC use too, our electricity bill has been shooting up crazy!

We are so looking forward to the opening of classes in two weeks time, although we are not that financially ready for the school things expenses and tuition fees. I am still praying and hoping that we’ll be able to deliver. After all, I know that God provides! He has this way of showing me the right things at his own perfect timing. Miracles do happen when you least expect it right?! Right! 🙂



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