5 Tips for Organising Your Child’s Bedroom

Keeping a tidy bedroom can be hard for youngsters, so it’s important to create an organised space that facilities a simple and easy cleanup for your kids. The bedroom should lend itself to convenience and tidiness – items should be easy to access and just as easy to put away again. Here are 5 great ideas that will help you do just that.


Hinder the Hoarding

When it comes to organisation, unnecessary clutter is the enemy, and hoarding leads to it. As new toys come, old toys must go. Keep the items that your child plays with the most or that have great sentimental value to your child, but once your kid loses interest in an old item and doesn’t have a need for it anymore, it’s really only taking up precious space.

If your child gets too old for a toy and doesn’t use it much anymore but it still has sentimental value for your child, offer to keep it safe and stored away somewhere, so that your child can ask for it if he/she wants it, but it’s not taking up the practical space in the bedroom that’s used every day.


Shelves are a great storage option for kids’ rooms because they keep everything off the floor and out of the way, but still easily accessible and not out of sight. From a shelf your child can see items clearly, access them easily and put them back without any trouble once he/she has finished with them.

If you have shelves that go higher than your kid can reach, use the higher space to store items that don’t get much use and keep the lower shelves for items that your child uses often.

Drawers and Boxes

Drawers and shelf boxes are another ideal organisation solution for your child’s room. These keep things out of the way and out of sight. It’s the simplest way to keep the room looking tody because your child can easily put things back into a drawer or box without having to assemble them neatly or remember what order they go in – just throw them in, close the drawer or slip the box back into the shelf and it’s as tidy as ever.


Putting signs or labels on storage areas makes it really simple for your child to keep things organised. You can create some funky labels for drawers, shelves, chests, boxes, bins – whatever your child will use in the room. This means he/she knows where to go to get what’s needed, and knows exactly where to put them back. Using a colour coded system can help too, and adding pictures and symbols can help add some fun to tidying up after playtime.

Hidden Storage

For all the items that your child doesn’t need to access, hidden storage spots are great to keep clutter at bay while still storing incidentals and occasional items. Drawers inbuilt under the bed, hangers behind the door, and shelves above doorways are all handy little tricks to store items out of sight and out of mind.

Loft beds for kids are another clever way to maximise both space and storage, and kids love the novelty. Usually loft beds will incorporate a desk space and some shelves or drawers, all tucked away under the bed that sits over the top.

With these simple tips your kids’ room will be a tidy, safe and welcoming space, free of clutter and easy for your child to keep clean. It’s a win-win!

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