Snowy Mountain In Australia

I was tinkering on Ian’s photos that he took during his month long vacation in Australia last year. I am about to make a photo book about it. I need to create 3 copies of it for our gift to his siblings this Christmas 🙂

One of his favorite place that they went to is the Snowy Mountain!


He even has to check on for ski pants for his snow suit! Everyone has to be in this suit to enjoy the snow, the ski and of course to beat the cold weather.



I knew he did enjoy it and of course the nice scenery! He said, he could’ve enjoy it more if we are with him to experience it too. I hope and we’re crossing our fingers that we’ll be able to visit Snowy Mountain  soon with the whole family 🙂

11 thoughts on “Snowy Mountain In Australia

  1. Oh, snow!!! I haven’t been to Australia yet and I look forward to that to escape the humidity and extremely hot summers of the UAE. It’s nice to know too that when Australia is going through winter time, our place is the opposite so that’s the best time to escape the heat and head on to that snowy ski resort.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. i bet that suit is not cheap. u need to be properly dress in order to enjoy that kind of place. my family and i are hoping to get some time off to the ski mountain and have some fun ice tubing. =D thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. looks like it was so much fun. hubby’s an aussie but based in asia for so long now and it will be great if we can all experienced and visit snowy mountain sometime…:) thanks for sharing.

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