Look What I Got in My Phone: Tom and Jerry!

 I was tinkering my phone’s photo album when I saw these photos!



 I don’t remember taking those shots myself. Oh well, I guess it was the kids- the little boy to be specific! Ahaha! Knowing how he really loves watching the cartoon show over and again even if most of the time were only rerun episodes. 🙂

I even saw some short video clips too. Most are blurry videos but I could hear the kids’ voice in the background. Lol! I think I need to hide my phone when not in use, or I’ll be surprise again to see something in it. But then again, I think it’s cute and sweet to know how my kids are doing, trying to explore on different things.

One thought on “Look What I Got in My Phone: Tom and Jerry!

  1. hahaha, i have the same dilemma with my phone. my 7-year-old loves to take pictures and record his own voice. What’s on my phone is not tom and jerry but power rangers. i agree it’s cute and sweet. sometimes when i’m alone waiting somewhere outside the house, i play his recordings and i’m always amaze what the recorder picks up.

    thanks for visiting and commenting on my site, Dez. have a great week ahead!

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