Online Leisure Time

I always tell myself that I should stop procrastinating and should start to manage my time properly, but I always fail whenever I am faced with some beating the deadline situations, I always end up regretting of the time I wasted.

Good thing that I have my DH who is always there to remind me  about Time Management, we’re two opposite when it comes to dealing with time. He’s the type of person who always performs things well planned, and I am the great procrastinator. I know that it’s not good to rely on him always and I wouldn’t really learn my lessons well if he’s always there to keep pushing me.

Managing my "online" time is always a mess. I always tend to do my online tasks at the very last minute as the temptation of browsing and surfing other sites like showbiz and gossip sites, blog hopping, playing games over at Facebook usually eats up most of my online time.

Playing games is one of the most time consuming activity I always engaged in and I am really trying my best to stay away from them to keep me focused on doing more productive thing online.

Now, I really make sure to keep up with being productive with my online activities and allot a specific time for leisure or release my stress by partying online at It is a healthy experience to release tension and play every once in awhile especially if you’re too engrossed with your work online. This will somehow relieve all those tension, stiffness and relaxes your body and mind.

Living in this fast changing phase in Technology, we should all learn how to adapt with these changes in order for us to fully enjoy the comfort and convenience that these things offer. We could always enjoy our time online if we knew how to balance our time properly. 

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