Factors That Affect Aging Process

Have you noticed seeing friends of your age that you haven’t seen for a long time?! Some do changed a lot, others did gained a lot of weight, others look more than their age while others still looked the same and didn’t changed at all through the years. It has been said that there are many contributing factors to the aging process;

Food. We are what we eat, so we really have to take proper diet to ensure that we are getting the best nutrition for our body to function well. As much as possible, avoid unhealthy foods that often lead to catching sickness such a Diabetes and heart-related problems that are really life threatening diseases and a great factor that adds up to body deterioration. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables and plenty of water too. Balanced diet is they key!

Exercise. Our body needs not just nutrition from healthy foods but also proper exercise. There are now many known form of exercise that are helpful to keep you fit. Zumba, Pilates, yoga, the usual going the gym thing, etc. Seeking out your doctor’s advice on what exercise to take is necessary to ensure that you are on the right track and really fits you well.

Pollution. Environment is also a great contributing factor to aging. The smoke from vehicles during travel, smoke from cigarettes from people around us, dirty surroundings that affect in giving us a clean water and food all should be dealt with accordingly. Taking our part in having a clean environment will be helpful to lessen the pollution.

Stress and Healthy Lifestyle. Positive outlook in life and time management is the key for us to be able to live our life the way it should be. Problems are party of our life but we should know how to deal with it to avoid stress related problems.

Some do take other products for the aging defense through the study about telomerase, an enzyme that repairs DNA. The telomeres anti aging and telomeres products have been develop to slower down the aging process.

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