Another Recreational Activity

.. for the little boy that is! We will be going to dear son’s kinder-1 Educational Trip tomorrow. As always, he can’t contain his excitement when I let him take a peek of  what we’ll be seeing in one of the places to be visited. There will be only four places on the list and all of them are just within the Metro Manila, which I think is enough for us to enjoy each place unlike before that we had to go far wherein travel time alone is already quite tiring.

I will be taking a leave from work to accompany DS. I need to prepare all these things early tonight for tomorrow’s activity.

  • First aid kit  ( band-aid, Betadine, white flower, etc.)
  • Extra clothes (Shirt, short/ pants, underwear)
  • Extra towel
  • Travel medicines
  • Digicam
  • Extra batteries
  • Snacks
  • Pocket money

Will be back with lots of photos and stories to share here! 🙂


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