Holiday Rush

We’ve been very busy this week. DH is getting sick already as he is the one being pressed with the deadlines for the kid’s school Christmas program. We were able to buy the kid’s gifts for their Christmas exchange gifts. This Friday will be the little girl’s party in the morning, then they will be rushing off to the little boy’s Christmas party program at 2 o’ clock in the afternoon, he will play the role of Shepherd again this time. DH has to get his Shepherd costume this morning. Hope that he’ll be able to get it this time as he’s been going back twice already but he was not able to talk around with the person in charge.

Then, we will be going to City Garden Hotel in Makati at 7 pm to attend DH’s niece 18th birthday celebration. It’s a jam packed Friday for us. Hope that kids won’t be cranky by then since they will be both very busy the entire day. For our company Christmas party, it will be this weekend. We still have to do some last minute shopping. Hope we’ll be able to deliver on all these things. 

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