A Great Christmas Celebration

Finally, we had our fast internet connection back. Now you know the reason why the lack of blog updates here for the past weeks, added the holiday rush that we had to meet. I had a lot of catching up to do. But let me first share our Christmas celebration today. We were not able to get up for the Noche Buena as we were already in deep slumber on the eve of the 25th. lol!

DH’s sister gave the kids a yummy cupcakea with Angry Birds  topper. This really made their Christmas day! especially the little boy who really love Angry Birds to bits 😀


After greeting and giving gifts to Ate I’s family, we went to my parents place around 10 a.m and had a sumptuous lunch with my side of the family. We waited for Santa (our eldest brother) to arrive and deliver our gifts. lol! Kids got clothes while all of us (siblings) received our cash gift. 🙂 We spent some time to the nearest mall after and kids get to play a lot at the Tom’s world. I bought blouse for myself. Mall were all dressed up for the holiday with lots of Christmas decors and very nice floral arrangements that really made it perfect for picture taking sessions. My mom bought the kids some toys again. So there our Christmas 2011 was all about good food, family and bonding moments. I really thank the good Lord for all the blessings that he had given us.

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