Good Communication With Your Doctor

One of the many good advantages that technology has brought us is the ease and convenience of communication to our daily lives. The internet, landlines and cell phones have really been able to serve it’s purpose very well. Living in this so called digital age, we were able to take a full grasp of having a great communication. Long before, especially for those who have loved ones abroad, the only way for you to be able to communicate with them is through phone calls. Only voice communication. But nowadays, you can enjoy the convenience of video calling without hurting much your budget.

Health wise, being in touch with your doctor is very important in cases where you need to seek medical assistance asap. There is now the so called Doximity which is a free communication platform that links medical professionals like Mark Michael MD  to enable faster treatment. There are now apps for iPhone, iPad and other android devices or computer to connect for a more open and clear communication with your doctors.

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