Weekend To Do’s

Thank God it’s Friday! Obviously, I feel excited as I can’t wait for this day to be over.  Although there are many things on my weekend to do list, the fact that I won’t be going to office work to spend a lot of time being with my family makes me feel happy, very typical of a working mom like me 🙂 I just hope that I would be able to accomplish all the things that I need to do:

  • Household chores- laundry and cleaning, these tasks usually eat up most of my time every Saturdays.
  • PTA meeting and issuance of DS’s report card in the afternoon.
  • A trip to the mall for shopping- Wishing we could splurge on this but No! just buying some very needed supplies for the house and grocery items.
  • Artscow photo book- I am way behind on this. I hope to finish just even the little girl’s 7th birthday.
  • Will research on Wholesaleinsurance.net about different different life insurance types and see what we could get for the whole family. We’ve been meaning for the longest time to avail one for us all.
  • Buy materials needed for the installation of roof in our terrace.
  • Squeeze in some “me” time, a short trip to the salon for mani and pedi service.

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