In Need of New Mattress

The mattress that we are using right now has long served its purpose very well and badly needs a new replacement. It doesn’t fit the bed sheets anymore because the shape is already deformed. The queen sized mattress has been more than ten years according to DH, would you believe that he has been using it since his single days?!  We are looking for the same brand of the mattress and boy I was surprise! The price is quite hefty, no wonder it can last over a decade of use 🙂

We are on a tight budget right now so I have to scout for other brands that can fit the budget. I am looking around for mattresses online and have found some at Deals Direct that offer wide selection of home and office furniture, storage solutions and other other useful products as well at a very low and discounted prices. Hope we could find an equally quality made mattress yet friendly in our pocket price.

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