Party Progress

It’s exactly a month away from now and its gonna be DD’s 7th birthday celebration. The only progress we had for the preparation is the repainting of our garage and minor repairs around the house as I’ve said before we will have the party at home. As for the party proper itself, all are still in the papers as planned and nothing has materialize yet and I’m already in panic for the fear of not being able to deliver on the said occasion. We still need to accomplish:

  • A trip to Divi ( the land and haven for party preps materials and favors) to buy some stuff for the party needs.
  • Finalizing the design, we haven’t arrive at a decision if we’ll push through with balloon decors, flower decor and designs, if budget is not a problem, I could even hire some florists in Baltimore to do the venue decorations as they specialize in flower arrangements and decors, I could order online and they’ll surely deliver in time.
  • Foods, haven’t arrive at  a specific and detailed menus yet 🙁

Those were just the major things and there are lot of minor extra stuffs to accomplish. We did take into account first the bills and DD’s down payment for her tuition fee which is very important before we jump into budgeting for the party, at least we can now breath loosely knowing that she’s gonna be enrolled in grade two next school year.  *crossing fingers, I know we will be able to deliver.

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