A 7th Birthday Party

We attended a 7th birthday party of DD’s classmate when she was still in Senior Kinder. They are now both in grade one and in the same school but different section. 😀 Teacher M is the mother of A, the Bday celebrant who happens to be the teacher of my little boy in nursery, so he’s also invited… It was a two hour celebration full of fun with exciting games.

Jollibee Birthday Party


My Scene Birthday Cake



DD was one of those who offered the 7th candle. There are also 7th gifts, 7th roses, 7th wishes. etc..

After the program proper, kids where everywhere enjoying the party.  DD on the other hand will be turning 7 in four months time, which reminds me to make early preparations for her 7th birthday as well. Since kids as fast growing up, I need to keep everything in order and check out this Wholesale Insurance that a previous officemate is offering me. It’s better to be sure than regret in the end.












I was not able to take a snap during the break- eating time, too hungry to do that. Ahaha. My tow kiddos indeed had a blast, especially for their take home gift. 🙂

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