Serious Investment

I can say that year 2010 is a fruitful one for me. We were able to cope up financial wise. Thanks to the out pour of blessings in my “online career” and glad I was able to balance my work between my day job and online tasks. This year, we were able to buy some home appliances, we’re able to fund some home repairs (house painting, bedroom and bathroom makeover plus other house fix here and there) most of all we were able to send the kids to a good school.

All of these wouldn’t be possible without my hard earned blogging money. Big thanks to some online friends who were able to share their blessings as well. I may not able to buy the laptop that I have been dreaming on to buy since three years now, I could say that sleepless nights were all worth it.

Now moving on with our plans for next year, I hope that it will still be the same level of good financial standing. If not, make it more fruitful and productive than this one. We are aiming on getting down into a more serious business investment, we could buy gold bullion if budget permits we would further study the ins and outs of trading gold in the market. We hope are also hoping that we could push through with the food business that we have been long conceptualizing.

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