Good Grades and Meet Up with Online Friends

Went to the little girl’s school last Saturday to get her report grades from their first trimester period. At first, I thought there will be a meeting, but glad that there was none as I have to prepare for our afternoon meet up with friends/ twitter buddies, Tere and Race at Megamall. Too bad that I wasn’t able to have a little makeover, getting fixed up with my hair and everything as the salon that I went to yesterday were only offering massage and bikini waxing at that time because all of their salon attendants are full in their appointment schedule with other clients.  Makes me wonder if I could avail of the wax promo too but that could wait as I need to wait for some funds before I can avail that or rather suggest it to a friend who are looking for it for quite sometime now.

In less that ten minutes, with a little updates on DD’s performance in class ( she was very active orally!) teachers’ were amused as she would often volunteer to perform in singing Korean songs. LOL. We were really happy to see her good grades, though she need to focus on math! lol! weh?! mana sa akin sa Math. bwahaha! Of course she deserve a reward for all the hardwork. 😉


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