Back Online

I know its been awhile since my last update. Offline activities kept me busy the past days and I always sleep early to bed instead of spending a few hours online before hitting the sack. I don’t want to mess up anymore with my sleeping schedule since online activities can be done during office hours too at day time since office tasks are lean.

Kids are doing ok, especially at school. The little boy on the other hand has been bugging for me days weeks actually about buying him the Omnitrix, the Ben10 watch. Looking around the net on where I can buy, I was lead to a gift idea lists that includes an xbox which is on top of the most wished gift. Hmm.. there are quite a number of xbox accessories on the lists as well which only shows that it is really indeed an in-demand among game enthusiasts. I hope I won’t read an xbox 360 on my little boy’s Christmas wish list if ever. Ahaha. We’ll see in two month’s time 😉

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