Planning a Business

DH and I are discussing our plans for the upcoming week, DS don’t have classes tomorrow because it’s their foundation day, so they will be going to the barber shop to trim the little boy’s hair. On Wednesday I’ll be taking a leave from work because we’re invited to attend DH’s Uncle’s birthday party, it’s not just a party because we’ll get down to serious talk with his other relatives to discuss an important business matter, his Aunt will be engaging in a jewelry business and asks if we could put some inputs on her plans as she’s still not really familiar with the doing business here in our country. I told her to make a careful study first, and referred to her the site of United States Gold Bureau wherein she could find all the helpful information regarding the business that she’ll put up. It is indeed a wise decision not to jump instantly and go ahead with the business making an all matters at an instant, dealing with gold coins and other precious jewels  for that matter requires a thorough knowledge and careful planning as it is kinda complicated and very risky business.

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