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Though I have too many pending online tasks to do, I still manage to tinker on my blogs template. lol! Though I really find it hard to go through the codes in css, styling, etc.. I am still able to pull it through! thanks to some tutorials that I have searched on the net 🙂 It was actually the same style before I migrated and transferred the hosting and change the domain of this blog. Oh well, I really wanted a clean slate template for my blog as I really find minimalist so clean and fresh to the eyes while you read. Not much bling blings here and there. lol! Now I am off to really get down on my tasks! 🙂

I need to do  some research on where we could go for a bikini waxing, oh well I am not really included in the process but I need to accompany my friend who was here from a vacation, though she offered me for a treat. lol! She told me that she wanted to do all the pampering for herself  while she was here since things are pretty  cheap here in beauty and wellness centers unlike abroad. Oh well, she really needs it since she works as model wearing swimwear is a part of it.

3 thoughts on “New Blog Theme

  1. Eh kumusta naman ako sis, heto nagpalit na naman ako ng theme. Problema ko nga ngayon kasi hindi narerecognized sa WLW. Kakaenez! Matapos ako magtweet ng code tsaka ganito.

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