5 Ways to find your balance

We all do need to weigh and balance things in order for us to fully enjoy our lives, take time to enjoy but also don’t forget to some important things like taking Medigap Plans to ensure that we are secured and protected just in case something happens. Below are five ways to find balance.

1. Take a Risk.

Balancing requires a leap of faith. We must trust in one leg to hold us, as the other takes flight. We test the limits so we know what we are capable of achieving.

2. Find a Focus.

Keep your eyes on a steady object. This allows concentration of the mind, and minimizes distractions that throw us off our goals.

3. Loosen Up.

Balancing on one leg requires strength, but we also need to relax and keep breathing. If every muscle is clenched, we’re actually more likely to fall over. The micro movements and tiny adjustments are part of the pose, and we can’t flow with the breeze unless we let go of a little bit of control.

4. Embrace the Falling.

Give yourself a break! Balancing is hard, and we will fall. A lot. Some days, it seems impossible to find the stillness. Instead of the inner name-calling, try smiling and recognizing that the effort is as important as the result.

5. If You Fall, Get Back Up Again!

This one is the most important.  Persevere. Don’t call it a failed attempt and give up, when the next try may lead to success. Or maybe it won’t, but if not today, maybe next week; maybe it takes a lifetime! That life comes moment to moment, so we must be here now, giving our full attention.

Balancing poses require extra effort. But when everything comes together, these poses keep us mindful.  A life of balance means living in the present, and meeting ourselves where we are at this moment.

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