Unwanted Hair

Us girls faces many physical changes as we grow up, during our teenage years is the most crucial stage as we get to experience the said transition during this time and we get to adapt with the necessary changes in order for us to understand ourselves more. From having your menstrual period to having that zits on your face plus added up is the unwanted hairs on our body, especially those armpit hairs which is very awful looking.

I remember stumbling upon this photo of the celebrity Jessica Alba few months ago while she was in Saturday’s Art Of Elysium gala in Los Angeles with his hubby Cash Warren. Showing off her armpit being zoomed and few fine hairs seems to appear.

Being a celebrity, they should be wary enough to know and part of their everyday lives are the that cameras and paparazzi taking a snap on them. And I believe that part of our personal hygiene is to get rid of those unwanted hairs by plucking or even getting some permanent hair removal through laser if we have the budget which I think is more convenient and more neat as it won’t re grow again having that smooth and hair free armpits. Saves you from embarrassment right?!

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