Getting Ready

Cartoon School with Clipping Path photo

For the big school that is! As of this very moment, the little girl is taking her entrance examination for grade 1 at St. Therese Educational Private School, just a stone’s throw away from our house which is the main reason we chose it despite the high tuition fee, many have attesting to the good curriculum and way of teaching there. We noticed the good facilities of the school too as we went there to inquire. The husband is more than excited than the little girl as he is the one who process the requirements and other pertinent documents needed and since I cannot take a leave from work, he is the one with the little girl right now. Nicco on the other hand is already enrolled in Nursery since last year from her Ate’s previous school. He is also excited in going to school, he even tells us that that the teacher” allowed him to bring his toys to school. Oh my! he’s used to having his toys with him around that’s why. But he’ll enjoy school for sure 🙂

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