Weekend Update

I only wish that I can freeze the time now so I don’t have to drag my self to get up early tomorow and prepare myself to start for another round of work the whole week. Our weekend was a so-so… Saturday was usually spent on household chores: laundry, cleaning, arranging, sorting things around the house. Had slept w/ kids on their afternoon nap and playtime after. Catch up on tv shows till midnight while I’m doing online tasks. We woke up late this morning and after having our breakfast, we headed to our parents place in Sampaloc and had our lunch there and we went home around late afternoon. Kids play around while I do iron our clothes. Kids and DH doze off early tonight and I’m still here catching around on my blogs. So there goes our weekend…

Gabby will be on their exam week and will be having their field trip on the 28th, the places included for visit:

  • Museong Pambata
  • Bio-Research
  • Gardenia
  • Enchanted Kingdom

I think they were able to visit the Bi-research when she was in her nursery, but it was my brother who accompanied her during that time. Oh well, I knew she will enjoy it just as her pasts field trip.

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