Artscow Coin Purse

My Artscow coin purse finally arrived yesterday! I placed my order last December 28, 2009 and it was shipped 2 days after. It took 15 days in transit. But I am so glad with the outcome as it really did match on what I have made on the designer program. No problem whatsoever though quality wise, I don’t think its sturdy enough to hold many coins in it since it was kinda soft.

The girl and boy in the picture are my kids and the one in solo, my nephew Dwayne. Will give this as a gift for my sister!

From $6.99 I got 2 pieces @ $3.99 plus free shipping fee. thanks to the promo coupon! If you want to order one please do sign up HERE. Their photo books are great too. Will share the ones I made once I have place and receive my orders…

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