Feeling Low Today

Losers see thunderstorms, winners see rainbows; losers see icy streets, winners put on their ice skates!


– Denis Waitley

Much as I wanted to see the bright side of a very gloomy day, some people are just too persistent and are really getting into my nerves. I won’t go into details anymore for I really find it so cheap but it did affect me in a way though. But I won’t let it keep me down. There are far more important things than dwell with negativity.

My Weekend To Do’s

~ Woke up as early as 5 a.m to do the laundry since
~ I will be going to Gabby’s School to get her report card at 8 a.m
~ see if we could pay a visit to our parents place before lunch
~ Need to have a general cleaning of our room
~ update my blogs
~upload tons of photos for the artscow PB which has been long overdue


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