All Grown Up

Just couldn’t help but feel a bit emotional looking at my kids and see how far how they have become from being so fragile from my arms few years back. They are now starting to build and become more independent as days passed by. Gabby is now doing great as far as her studies is concerned, She can now read well and do her assignments with minimal supervision from me unlike before where I almost loose my temper teaching her. lol. Now, I will ask her to read the instructions and explain further what to do and she’ll happily do all the works by here own. Nicco on the other hand, haven’t given signs of him being ready for the school next year. He still wants to play around and is developing the habit of hitting her Ate Gabby and sometimes his Dad and I whenever he is annoyed and I don’t want him to get used to it. We are trying ways on how we could avoid or let him not do that and it really stresses me. Raising kids is definitely not easy, but getting hugs and kisses from them eases the tired and stress from an all day work.

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